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American Wolf

American Wolf Album Review: Myriad

With their first album Tales of Kamanakera, American Wolf came onto the music scene as a unique and daring band with an unmatched sound. My first opportunity to hear them live was at The Beat Kitchen last January where I was immediately struck by their unique style. Since releasing Tales of Kamankera in January 2012, American Wolf has only picked up steam, playing with bands like The Memorials and getting the opportunity to record in Brooklyn for Converse’s Rubber Track Sessions.

With their latest album Myriad soon to be released, it’s clear that this band isn’t finished showing what they are made of.

Dreamy with a hint of darkness, Myriad takes you to another place. It’s full of substance that doesn’t get dull. Experimenting with new sounds and beats, like in  “Open Me” and “A Dark Matter,” it’s easy to see that American Wolf pushed the limit of their talents.  The vocals and lyrics are equally matched by strong instrumentals and the crazy-good solo acoustics in “Letting You Out” and “Mahrz.”

In “Mother,” vocalist Sal Plant delivers a slower, passionate ballad that leads to a steady build-up to instrumentals and a chorus that breaks loose in the end. “Skin Tight” may be the most sellable song; its catchy and dreamy pop lyrics accompanied by smooth beats give it an airy feeling that makes you feel like you could float away. “Myriad” experiments with some unique electronic sounds, keeping a slow and steady beat.

The jazz-like acoustics of “Phenomenon” bring a different feel to the album. “A Dark Matter” fuses a bit of everything together, bringing a more intense sound and mix.

If you believe that music can take you on a journey, then I think it’s safe to say this album can. I’m excited to see what American Wolf has in store for the future, but until then let this album engulf you, because it will. 

***Be sure to keep Saturday, December 29th open. American Wolf will be playing at The Subterranean along with Chicago bands Carbon Tigers and Pet Lions. Details HERE. See you there!***